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My husband went to court and settled for €750,000 compensation after a road traffic accident. We’ve had to make life-changes, but now we can enjoy his retirement. We’re very thankful to Michael and the team.

Road traffic accidents can have terrible consequences. Victims don’t only suffer physical injuries, but can also suffer acquired brain injuries or personality changes. This can be very tough to handle.

The D family came to us after dad and son were involved in a road traffic accident. Dad was particularly badly hurt. D and her family also noticed a change in his cognitive abilities. He couldn’t return to work. They had to make changes to the home and consider future nursing care plans. He had to learn to drive an adapted car. With changes in his personality, dad wasn’t as perceptive of risks of accidents, became more insular and began to collect and hoard items.

We obtained the expert reports to support a high-value brain injury claim, including specialist architect, vehicle and nursing care reports. We negotiated €500,000 for special damages to cover loss of earnings, adaptions to the house and car, medical care and so on. We agreed compensation of €250,000 for pain and suffering.

“Michael and the team took great care in advising us. They identified early on that the outcome could be worse than we hoped at the beginning and they were right to. It prepared us when the news about dad was not good. Being able to make the changes, recovering loss of earnings and obtaining compensation lets us get on with our lives.”

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