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Civil Litigation covers a wide range of legal disputes. We all buy goods, enter contracts and face disputes with neighbours, family or state bodies. We all may face financial problems or be concerned about family wills.

Solving disputes early is often the best approach to adopt. Sometimes, an obstructive opponent can make that impossible. In those cases, a strong and strategic approach may be needed. The approach you choose shapes how your dispute will progress.

Litigation is about strategy and the law and all play an important role to present your case at its best. We are a dispute resolution practice. We help clients resolve disputes swiftly and cost effectively. But when necessary, our solicitors have a successful track record in complex High and Circuit Court cases.

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Civil Disputes

When you have a dispute with a friend, neighbour or family don’t rush to court. It’s better to stay on reasonable terms by reaching an agreement that suits you both. If the problem persists, you should then speak to us about your rights and how to resolve the dispute. Rather than court, we may recommend that you attempt mediation.


Consumer Disputes

Sale of Goods and Supply of Services legislation sets out your legal rights, whether you are buying goods in a shop or online, eating in a restaurant, hiring a builder, buying a car or going on holiday. Every consumer law dispute is unique, so advice from an experienced consumer law solicitor is a must.


Personal Insolvency

Many people face problems with debt. This can become a real worry when creditors are threatening court action. Our solicitors can advise you on personal insolvency options, selling properties in negative equity and bankruptcy. We offer impartial advice on the options available to you and your creditors, in order to develop a solution.


Contesting a Will

If you have concerns about a loved one’s will, whether they had the capacity to legally express their wishes, or what has happened or will happen to their property or finances, we have the expertise to advise. Hopefully your fears can be resolved, but if not we will robustly represent you.


Judicial Review

If you believe that a decision taken by a public body, government minister, your local council or a tribunal has been reached unfairly, goes beyond their remit or violates your rights, you can apply to the High Court for a Judicial Review. This type of case does not review the decision made, it reviews the process and procedures used.


Professional Negligence

When you go to a lawyer, surveyor, accountant or any professional for help, the last thing you expect is negligence. A professional has a duty of care to perform their job to a reasonable standard and with reasonable care. Have you received a reasonable level of skill and care? We can advise.




from overturning decisions of a Tribunal of Enquiry to defamation, probate disputes, professional negligence and product claims. More.


we understand that you you may be facing challenging times. With our clear advice you can make confident decisions. More.


on achieving the best result for you, with understanding, advice to rely on & determination. Robust and sensitive as your case demands. More.


a proven track record of success in major litigation, judicial review, High Court and Supreme Court actions. More.

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